Honda Forum caters mainly for UK riders and enthusiasts of Honda motorcycles and was established in 2000 when the first fuel injected Fireblade was released. A group of Fireblade riders from MCN's not so good forum got hacked off with that excuse for a forum and setup this place to talk about the new bike. Over the years as members preferences for the bikes they choose to ride changed so has the forum and so for quite a few years now we're not exclusily for riders with Hondas - we even accept Suzuki riders. That said given we've been around 14+ years the depth of knowledge of Honda's contained within either via the forums Search function or simply signing up and asking should be of use to just about anyone who runs any Honda past or present.

The forum is a non-commercial not for profit site and the only ads you'll find are here on the front page and a very small banner within the forum itself. These ads are purely to help fund the hosting and all we ask is you occasionally come to this page and click/view a few of the ads which will only take a short time and who knows maybe even the ad will be a link to something interesting or useful as they are targetted to what you've been searching about on Google recently.